Research Ideas

These research questions have been driven by iConquerMS participants as part of the Our Questions Have Power program. iConquerMS participants can vote or comment on the questions they most want to see answered by research.

Please use the Category, Stage, Priority and Sort by filters to find the questions that are of most interest to you and vote or comment on those questions. Your votes and comments will determine the priorities for advancing the questions to co-created studies with MS researchers.

To vote on a question, first make sure you LOGIN to your iConquerMS account or JOIN iConquerMS then LOGIN. Then click the “Vote & Comment” button on the question and answer these questions: .

  • Do you agree that answering this question should be a high priority?.
  • Would the results of research on this question be helpful to you? .
  • Would you be interested in participating in research on this question?

You can also make a comment about any question. You can vote on as many questions as you like. Be sure to visit iConquerMS periodically so you can vote and comment on new questions that are submitted.