About our Research Committee

The iConquerMS™ Research Committee is responsible for providing oversight and advice for iConquerMS™ research-related activities, including:

  • Informing researchers about iConquerMS™ and encouraging them to develop studies using iConquerMS™ resources
  • Facilitating engagement between researchers and iConquerMS™ members
  • Informing network members about the research process and soliciting their input on iConquerMS™ research activities including individual studies
  • Facilitating the development of new research studies based on topics of importance to the iConquerMS™ community
  • Publishing and disseminating results from iConquerMS™-supported studies

In addition, the Research Committee also provides final review and approval of all research studies to be conducted through iConquerMS™.

Research Committee members include clinicians, researchers, and others chosen for their expertise and commitment to patient-powered research. Several members are people with MS who bring direct experience with the disease to their role on this committee. The committee meets by web conference every 2 months.